Friday, August 17, 2007

ghumiye poreche ghum aamar!

In all of the diseases i passed through,"sleepless night's" troubles me the most. I really can't sleep at night. Many reasons are behind. It wasn't like this before,when i was in Bangladesh, 7 years back. everything was systematic at that time. but,just after I came here in Japan,everything got changed. Sleeping problem,health problem and many more. though I like Japan now,but at the very first time when i came here, I used to hate japan. actually not hate, but i used to miss my home in Bangladesh so much,that i never thought about Japan,even being in here. my mind,my heart all was there in BD. if you take a 13 years old girl away from her home,school,friends,cousins,everything that she loved, to a whole new place,where she is totally new, it's normal that she wont like the new place. may be,later on she will,with time (as i am).

At the very first time when i was brought to Japan, I used to cry everyday, that I wanna go back to Bd. I didn't used to talk with my dad, that why he brought me here,when he knows I have my studies there in Bd. I was angry on my mom, that why she didn't help me to stay back there in home,till just I could finish my studies. and most of all, I used to miss my friends. it was a very big deal for me,at that time. I used to study by myself. i was preparing for my SSC exams staying here in Japan. later on, i was taken to Bd for my SSC exams.

just before 1 month of exams, we went to Bd. though i used to study here as i brought my books,when i came in japan. but,i couldn't study as well,as much, as it was required. so,after going to Bd, I studied day 'n night for that whole 1 month. everyone has supported me a lot. and after exams, again we came back to Japan. I had a call from Bd,after three months of exams, that i was passed with 'A grade' in SSC. and those girls of my school,who sat before and behind me during exams,they were failed.
I was very happy at that day. I wasn't happy cause they failed and I passed, but I was happy because, they had a great opportunity to study for whole 2 years,which i didn't had. they could study very well in those 2 years,which i did only in 1 month just before the exam.

anyways,so Japan gave me many things,that i couldn't get being in Bd, and Japan took many things from me,that i could have only being in Bd! as i knew i had to live here anyhow, happily or
sadly. so i decided to know japan more,and stay here happily. and later on,i really started to like japan.

but, this sleepless nights costs me a lot. when whole world sleeps at night,i wake up,sitting in front of this computer and just kill time. may be,around 4 or 5 am i go to bed,and after doing this side 'n that side for another 1/2 hours,i finally fell asleep. sometimes when i am very tired, luckily i can sleep early,at 3 am! :)

as usual, yesterday night I wasn't feeling sleepy at all,though I was very tired. so,at around 4:30 am I thought to write what I had in mind about this sleep thing. so,just wrote it up.

here it is,


ghumiye poreche ghum aamar,
aashena chokhe ghum aamar
boshe boshe hoyeche shokaal,
kothaye gelo ghum aamar?

shtobdho raate shara prithibi jokhon,
klanto hoye shuye thaakte mogon..
boshe thaaki aami ghum'er aashaye,
ekhon naa,to aashbe kokhon?

computar'er key-ra betha'ye kaator,
chair-ta'r komor'o hoyeche baka!
chokh aar haath duto thaame na tobu,
cholte thake obiraam,ei raat-er'o bela!

duty shesh kore,jokhon shuye porbe raat,
shurjo jokhon uki dibe janalaaye aamar,
shara prithibi jokhon jhapti mere jege uthbe,
shob maanush-gulo jokhon chutbe rozgaar'e,
'hothat chokh duto bondo hoye aashbe aamar!
shara shorir bondho kore dibe shob kaaj!
ghum'er jeno bhengeche ghum eibaar,
ghum paraabe,aamar chokh duto-ke eibaar!
showbaar jonno ekhon shokaal,to ki?
shokaal belaa'i to hoye aamar raat! :)


I'll explain this later in English. for now,i gotta get fresh and eat something. feeling so hungry :-s.



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